Fools Rule: On Göggle-eyed Göds & Monsters

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There’s all this panicked talk about how we need another striker, in case our current one goes on le blink. It seems the loud and unwashed masses are not comfortable with any of our current alternatives.

Perhaps eyebrows are over-rated? They don’t serve any real purpose, except for frowning. And besides – Barca have managed pretty well without an eyebrow. Yes – you say – but they have the monobrowed monarch Messi…

Well. We’ve got the göggle-eyed göd, Mesut.

The Gooner Disposition – Portrait of an Arsenal Fan

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“The Gooner Disposition – Portrait of an Arsenal Fan”

Exclusive: Chelski “Smurfista Campaign” Fail!

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It was supposed to be a no-brainer…

When the Chelski PR Department was approached by club owner, Noman Avramobitch, to devise a campaign to show the “ruthlessness” of the Chelski squad – some bright spark must have thought: “What better way to achieve this than to depict them performing grievous bodily violation to harmless cartoon characters?”

And so, the doomed “Smurfista” campaign was born.

Philosophy for Gooners (Part 1)

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What type of Gooner are you? Part One of what will probably be a one-part series. 😉

Koz Is The One

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The latest in my “Get Behind Your Team” series. Laurent Koscielny is The One.

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