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Game Of Two Halves – Team Of One Half

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A cockroach can survive for a few weeks without its head. Chelsea survived at least as long without John Terry.

There’s a lot Gunners can learn from Science and Nature. Fools Rule brings you a few curious factoids, and applies them to the Arsenal Experience. Enjoy!

The Anger Games (Part 1)

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Temperatures are rising. Arsenal is boo-ed off the pitch at half time. Things could turn ugly…


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A rather ruffled ARSÉNE WENGER pushes a large shopping cart packed with footballers up to the counter. He fumbles through his pockets, eventually producing a fistful of wrinkled receipts, which he places on the counter…

Arsenal Vibrations (PG13)

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PG13 – Viewer discretion advised…
A risqué look at ‘alternative’ revenue sources.