Mikel Arteta: Captain Fanplastic

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I'm honoured to have Blogzilla himself, Dave Seager (@GoonerDave66) from www.1nildown2oneup.net adding a few words to accompany the latest in my “Get Behind Your Team” image series. Featured today: Mikel Arteta: Captain Fanplastic. Over to you, Dave…


Last weekend after the Swansea match My good friend and fellow blogger PIMP tweeted an enormously impressive heat map showing Mikel Arteta's performance earlier in the day.

For some reason my response to the evidence of a true captain's display – leading from the front in a tricky must-win match – was this:

He's here, he's there, he's every fucking where
Lego Head Lego Head
He's here, he's there, and he hasn't moved a hair
Lego Head Lego Head

I do of course have previous for poor rhyming poetry inspired by our consistent non-international Spaniard. However, my newest outburst – which truly should catch on at the Emirates – spurred the ever creative Batmandela into creative graphic design action:

Captain Fanplastic

Mikel Arteta - Captain Fanplastic. The man to build the team around!

Thanks to Bats (a.k.a @AFC_Invincibles) for inviting me to explain his latest superb design. The fabulous title however is entirely down to him.

So in between the Rocky tributes on Saturday if you hear this chant start up do join in Haha.



Cheers, Dave. Thanks for the inspiration. (Again!)

Here's a link to the Jack Wilshere tribute. And the Rocky Rocastle image also inspired by Dave.

And here's another link to Dave's brilliant 1NilDown2OneUp blog.

*”The man to build the team around!” – quote courtesy of Derek Black (@DAB1886)


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3 responses to “Mikel Arteta: Captain Fanplastic”

  1. avatar Madge says:

    I can hear singing all over The Emirates… He’s here
    I think Lego Arteta, could be the start of a whole new range of Arsenal Lego Men. :-))

  2. I am probably very thick but I am not sure I get this?? Is it a put down of Arteta or praise?? I am inclined to believe that it must be praise because I think he does a wonderful job as captain, but then I only see him during the game and have to judge by what I see and I do have to admit to being a bit partial to him for some unknown reason!! Anyway it was a very interesting piece and I did enjoy reading it.

  3. avatar Golf says:

    I agree with this story.
    I support Mikel Arteta
    I’m an Arsenal fan
    Thank you for information sharing

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