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Fools Rule: On Shlemmings.

Posted on February 28th, by batmandela in Fools Rule. 4 comments

This is not a blog about ticket price hikes and how they reflect the insensitivity of a profitable institution towards its loyal fanbase.

It’s not about how Arséne Wenger’s apparent tightfistedness and shortsightedness may lead to his undoing. I also don’t want to discuss the rumour that he has a contract ready-signed, and that the club is just waiting for an opportune moment to ram it down our throats – a Sagna/Rosicky contract renewal announcement, for instance.

I’m not interested in writing about how ironic it is that our star signing initiated the collapse of our Champions League campaign with his second consecutive (lackadaisical) CL PK miss.

And – while I’m not at it – I’m also not convinced that Arsenal can repeat last season’s performance in the upcoming return fixture at the Allianz Arena. As Heraclitus said, “A man cannot cross the same river twice.” Besides – as fantastic as last year’s heroic failure might have been, Bayern Munich did appear to be resting on their laurels somewhat. (At least until the second goal.) I doubt that they’ll make the same mistake twice.

So I’m certainly not wasting my time writing about that!

The latest rumours about Morata having already signed a … Read More »

Arséne Wenger – Comeback King of Cool

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Been a while since I paid graphic tribute to the Comeback King, Arséne Wenger – our much-maligned manager – who seems to be on the brink of a resurgence of sorts. I don’t want to jinx anything, but this may be the year that he can turn to us all, blow us a raspberry and say, “I told you so..!” My friend who seem to retain this believe has been searching for tickets available for all Arsenal games after deciding not to renew his season ticket. Thats after paying a premium to acquire tickets for the match against Chelsea for himself and his family.

Except, the thing is: he won’t. Because that’s not how he rolls. Even when he loses his cool, he’s cool.

Le Prof has a number of remarkable talents besides being a football genius… His turns of phrase, his poker face, his twinkle-eyed dodging of a barbed interrogation. His Wengerisms are a little bit amusing, as is the cartoonish war he wages with that puffy-coat zipper.

I love it when he stands on the sideline – arms spread wider than Corcovado’s Christ the Redeemer – brows furrowed, jaw agape, wings flapping spastically like an early Wright Brothers prototype.

But possibly my favourite image … Read More »

Arséne Wenger – One Of Us

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For those of you who doubt Wenger’s commitment and sincerity – or who view his Matchday sideline inactivity as passive indifference – I offer you this image, and a quote taken from an interview by Sportmail’s Chief Sports Writer, Martin Samuel, which appeared in The Daily Mail on August 6, 2009.

Exclusive! Wenger Replacement Revealed…

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Arsenal Emergency Press Conference. March 31st, 2013. Easter Sunday…

Fools Rule: Fanning The Fire

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Our motto says it all: Victory Through Harmony. Perhaps that’s the biggest lesson we have to learn? As Gunners. If we’re ever to start winning again…

Interpreting Wenger

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Another day. Another news conference. Another opportunity for our poker-faced, fork-tongued, sweet-talking manager to perfect the dark art of opacity.

Game Of Two Halves – Team Of One Half

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A cockroach can survive for a few weeks without its head. Chelsea survived at least as long without John Terry.

There’s a lot Gunners can learn from Science and Nature. Fools Rule brings you a few curious factoids, and applies them to the Arsenal Experience. Enjoy!

2013 – The Year Of The Gun [RSS]

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Invinciblog takes an in-depth look at the challenges facing Arsenal.

2013 – Year Of The Gun

Posted on January 2nd, by batmandela in General, Opinion, Tarot. 5 comments

Invinciblog takes an in-depth look at the challenges facing Arsenal.

Fool’s Rule Part 4: The Upside Of A Meltdown

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Arsenal’s not going down the plug anytime soon. But if it does – here’s a little yellow rubber duck to cheer you up. Fools rule.