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Arsenal v Reading: Match Review

Posted on March 31st, by batmandela in Barclays Premier League, Guest Post, Match Report. No Comments

Arsenal vs Reading Match Report, brought to you by guest blogger and top Gooner, James. (@JamesArsenal1)

Arsenal Vibrations (PG13)

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PG13 – Viewer discretion advised…
A risqué look at ‘alternative’ revenue sources.

Man City v Arsenal: Coulda. Shoulda. Didn’t.

Posted on September 24th, by batmandela in Barclays Premier League, Opinion. 2 comments

I’ll gladly take an away point from the reigning Champions. We remain unbeaten this season, and that’s fuel in the tank for next week’s game against the European Champions. But I’m NOT going to comfort myself on how close we were to beating City. Shoulda, coulda, didn’t.

Fools Rule (Part 3) – Gunners Divine

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Is it a bird? is it a plane? is it Superman? No, wait… It’s just dust on the lens…

Ten of Swords (reversed): Arsenal Reborn

Posted on September 17th, by batmandela in Barclays Premier League, FFP, Opinion, Tarot. 2 comments

It’s like Arsenal, as a snake-entity, has shed its old skin: Pat Rice gone, money-grabbers gone, an attitude of zero-tolerance towards disloyalists, and a group of players remaining that look coolly desperate to convince. It’s a privilege to witness, this rebirth.