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Fools Rule: On Shlemmings.

Posted on February 28th, by invinciblog in Fools Rule. 4 comments

This is not a blog about ticket price hikes and how they reflect the insensitivity of a profitable institution towards its loyal fanbase.

It’s not about how Arséne Wenger’s apparent tightfistedness and shortsightedness may lead to his undoing. I also don’t want to discuss the rumour that he has a contract ready-signed, and that the club is just waiting for an opportune moment to ram it down our throats – a Sagna/Rosicky contract renewal announcement, for instance.

I’m not interested in writing about how ironic it is that our star signing initiated the collapse of our Champions League campaign with his second consecutive (lackadaisical) CL PK miss.

And – while I’m not at it – I’m also not convinced that Arsenal can repeat last season’s performance in the upcoming return fixture at the Allianz Arena. As Heraclitus said, “A man cannot cross the same river twice.” Besides – as fantastic as last year’s heroic failure might have been, Bayern Munich did appear to be resting on their laurels somewhat. (At least until the second goal.) I doubt that they’ll make the same mistake twice.

So I’m certainly not wasting my time writing about that!

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Don’t Blame Arsenal. Blame God. Here’s Why…

Posted on November 24th, by invinciblog in Fools Rule, General, Opinion. 4 comments

There are Laws that govern everything – from which way up your toast lands when you drop it, to how your finger accidentally pushes “SEND” when that’s the last thing you wanted to do. For the first time ever (on this blog, at least) – I have gathered a collection of these Laws, to shed some light on why Arsenal behave like they do. When you’re about to tear your hair out – reach for this instead. And realize that everything will be OK in the end. And if it’s not OK – it’s not the end. 😉

Fools Rule (Part 3) – Gunners Divine

Posted on September 20th, by invinciblog in Fools Rule, General, Opinion. 1 Comment

Is it a bird? is it a plane? is it Superman? No, wait… It’s just dust on the lens…

Fools Rule (Part 2) – On Branding

Posted on September 9th, by invinciblog in Fools Rule, General, Opinion. 2 comments

They say we are all dying from the moment we’re born. Likewise: from the moment a player signs for us, he is already heading for the door. I have a solution for this – which may sound harsh – but I do believe that if it is performed humanely, it may solve the problem…