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Fool Metal Jacket (Part 2)

Posted on January 19th, by invinciblog in Fools Rule, General, The Anger Games. No Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen. Um… Gentlemen.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lord Atticus Barton-Shawcross. I am a retired SAS Colonel. I spent 23 years working in Covert Operations, until changes in modern warfare, introduced by chicken-shit – excuse my French – civilian commanders, severely curtailed our ability to operate in the effective manner to which we were accustomed.

The 'new rules' of combat essentially emasculated us, by introducing restrictive procedural guidelines, punitive post-operation review, and political oversight. Basically – we had our nuts removed, and replaced with estrogen-infused, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic potpourri pouches.

Killing people just wasn't fun any more. Which is why I left.

I started my own 'Private Security and Logistics' company. I sold toilet paper to the Armed Forces for $5.00 a roll. And then charged them $5.00 to remove the cardboard tubes when the paper was finished. Stuff like that. And I used the millions of dollars I made to create my own army. And get things done the old way, if you catch my drift.

In short – I found a way to do what I loved, however the frick I wanted, and get paid a lot of money doing it.

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