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Arséne Wenger – Comeback King of Cool

Posted on January 8th, by invinciblog in Eye Candy. 3 comments

Been a while since I paid graphic tribute to the Comeback King, Arséne Wenger – our much-maligned manager – who seems to be on the brink of a resurgence of sorts. I don’t want to jinx anything, but this may be the year that he can turn to us all, blow us a raspberry and say, “I told you so..!” My friend who seem to retain this believe has been searching for tickets available for all Arsenal games after deciding not to renew his season ticket. Thats after paying a premium to acquire tickets for the match against Chelsea for himself and his family.

Except, the thing is: he won’t. Because that’s not how he rolls. Even when he loses his cool, he’s cool.

Le Prof has a number of remarkable talents besides being a football genius… His turns of phrase, his poker face, his twinkle-eyed dodging of a barbed interrogation. His Wengerisms are a little bit amusing, as is the cartoonish war he wages with that puffy-coat zipper.

I love it when he stands on the sideline – arms spread wider than Corcovado’s Christ the Redeemer – brows furrowed, jaw agape, wings flapping spastically like an early Wright Brothers prototype.

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