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A Gunner’s Handbook: Surviving Arsenal

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How to survive being an Arsenal fan in these trying times.

VI * THE LOVERS (reversed)

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“Failure, foolish designs”


Aaah. That magical number, 49… The number of games the Invincibles went unbeaten. A number that is unlikely to be breached in the near future, unless the Man City Oilers or the Chelsea Mobsters, or some other hideously wealthy club decides to buy every top player available and benches all but their Chosen XI, thereby eliminating the competition entirely.

Could happen.

There are a few top division clubs who could field two perfectly competitive First Teams from their 25-man squads, their benches are that ‘deep’. Then again – there’s depth, and then there’s d e p t h…

Looking in from the outside, (as I am), it seems a little skeezy. A bit like having a spare jet. You know: overkill. What with the insurance, maintenance and finding a spare parking spot at the airport… But this new breed of ultra-wealthy superclub seems to subscribe to the “Waste, want.” school of thought, rather than the “Waste not, want not” ideal that binds those of us more financially …um …retarded.

To them it makes sense. Nothing but the best. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Nothing but a few of the best, more like.

Anyhow. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes: 49. That magical … Read More »