We Want Our Diaby Back

Posted on April 6th, by invinciblog in Eye Candy, The Squad. 3 comments

There have been many wonderful Abou Diaby blogs since the announcement of his latest setback, by bloggers far more eloquent than I.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

We Want Our Diaby Back

Get well soon, Abou.


Thanks to Levi (@JoziGunner) for planting the seed. Enjoy. Share.



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3 responses to “We Want Our Diaby Back”

  1. avatar WC says:

    There’s FAR better CMs out there than Diaby who can actually play more than 10 games a season. I hope we finally get rid of this deadwood burden and buy a quality box to box player.

    • avatar batmandela says:

      True. But Diaby in full flight was joy to behold… He’s had a tragically unlucky career. I doubt he’ll feature for us again. Was ‘commissioned’ to do the pic. And it’s easier than blogging! 😉

    • avatar Paul N says:

      Well, I am late, however, not only is that incensitive, but it is pure bulls.

      You will have a hard time finding a player that is a talented as Diaby. If he was not injued often he would easily be one of the top players in the world.

      Only, if we could sell deadwood supporters.

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