Cheer up, Gooners!

Posted on March 4th, by invinciblog in General. 4 comments

Pesky rooster.



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4 responses to “Cheer up, Gooners!”

  1. avatar 49Unbeaten says:

    I don’t get it? Unless what your saying here is “North London is red, and the only thing white worth a mention is bird sh*t”……..

    • avatar batmandela says:

      They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I just saved myself a blog.

      I would have thought it was fairly obvious what it means… (Most people have ‘got it’.)

      Basically: yesterday’s result is a blip on the radar, as it were. A splash of white on a lot of red. In Premiere League match ups Arsenal have won 17, Spuds 9 with 14 draws.

      Don’t change the sign just yet. It’s not a permanent shift…

      I would have hoped that the “pesky rooster” comment would have given a clue.

      Obviously not. 🙁

      Thanks for the comment anyway.

  2. avatar 49Unbeaten says:

    Sorry didn’t see the rooster comment below the picture.

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