The Arsenal Connection

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Click the play button on the player below to hear “The Arsenal Connection” as performed by Batmandela.
(Apologies to Jim Henson and Paul Williams.)


HTML5 Version (iPad/iPhone):


Why are there so many
Muppets on Twitter?
Don’t you know Muppets are bad?
Muppets aren’t Gooners
They’re second class citizens
And Muppets have nothing to add

We’ve all been told
That we’re not real supporters
If we’re not there home and away
Someday we’ll find it
The Arsenal Connection
The Gooners, the Muppets, and Team

Tim says opinions
Are totally irrelevant
When tweeted by fans from afar
What’s even shitter
He said it on Twitter
That’s gonna leave a scar…

What’s so amazing
‘Bout those at the stadium?
What makes them better than me?
Someday he’ll find it
The Arsenal Connection
The Gooners, the Muppets, and Team

All of us under its spell
We know that it’s probably magic

Have you been overjoyed?
Or quite disappointed?
Have you watched every game?
Know we’ve got problems?
Believe you can fix ’em…?
Then we’re all one and the same…

It’s rather silly for you to ignore us
And not what our motto should be
Victory Through Harmony…
The Arsenal Connection
The Gooners, the Muppets, and Team

La la la le la la loo
La la la la le la la loo


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