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Pitchfork and torch sales are up. So are black scarf sales. And apparently Cleaver & Gush – (Purveyors of Fine Guillotines – By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen) have had an inordinate number of hits on their website. Which can only mean one thing:

Yup. Some fans may be content to just sit back and watch their Arsenal slide into obscurity. Others are revolting.

You can catch the latter at any given moment: indiscriminately flaming other online Gooners. Hysterically tweeching:

“We want our Arsenal back! #WengerOut”

“Y r hapy with decade of no troaphy Arsenal? UR n idiot. Same like Wenger. #WengerOut”

“Wenger is runing our club. We need Guadoila hell fix it Barcilona always win silverwere. #PepIn #WengerOut”

Temperatures are rising. Fingers are being pointed. Matches are being boycotted. Marches are being planned. The team is being booed. (And all the while, the media gleefully amplifies the noise – not the signal – perhaps because it fits in better with their let’s-criticize-Arsenal-at-every-opportunity agenda?)

Possibly inspired by the Arab Spring, or the Occupy Movement – angry Arsenal fans are saying ‘enough is enough’ and clamouring for heads to roll… starting with the head of our once-revered Manager, Arséne Wenger. And ostensibly followed by those of the board. And that of our Yankee owner, Ned Flanders Silent Stan Kroenke. (It’ll be like ten-pin bowling, all the head-rolling.)

Apparently, the aforementioned stand accused of ‘taking away our Arsenal’ and now we should ‘want it back’. Or we are not real fans. (Hey! Don’t shoot me – I’m just the quoter. not the quotee.)

And it’s not just about the lack of trophies. (Or it is, depending who you talk to…) It’s also about Wenger’s incompetence. And our board’s greed. And our owner’s reluctance to invest. And the lack of passion, pride and commitment evident in our current squad. And the fact that our leaders are brazenly content with the bronze medal of Champions League qualification. And how much everyone is being (over)paid. And how little we spend. And what we spend it on. (Like stadiums and stuff.) And the cost of pies. And and and and….

Now, as I’ve stated before: I’m not a WengerOutie or an ArséneKnowsBestie. I am merely an Arsenal fan who happens to be more influenced by the most convincing argument than the loudest voice. I am as passionate as the next guy: on any given matchday you can catch me screaming at Wenger, Arsenal, the commentators, the ref, the ball… My criticism knows no bounds and takes no hostages.

You’ll also find me on the Invincibles Forum, going head-to-head with other Gooners about selections, purchases, substitutions, board statements, player betrayals, FIFA. You name it: I have an opinion about it and I’m more than happy to express it. And defend it. With facts. Figures. And, where necessary, offer a solution.

I have knee-jerk reactions to things too. Being reactionary is a vital precursor to change. But that’s the easy part. That’s the gathering-in-the-square, burning-of-flags, storming-the-palace fun part of the revolution. The part that can be accomplished by sheer brute force and guts. It’s the part that comes next that’s the hard bit: rebuilding, planning ahead, learning from mistakes, making everyone happy… That part needs a little more finesse. A little less feeling and a tad more thinking.

I’d like to see the leaders of the Wenger Out Movement nail their post-Wenger Agenda to the front door at Arsenal Towers. I’d love to know how they plan to implement their changes. They can’t exactly fire the Board, can they? Or are they planning on buying out Kroenke? (Who, as far as I can tell, has no plans to sell…) Is this  an Occupy Arsenal movement?

Or is someone going to invest in the latest Cleaver & Gush DiVertebrator and put it to use? (I’m looking at you, Piers Morgan…)




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